His first commercial job was airbrushing t-shirts on the boardwalk in Ocean City New Jersey where he spent his childhood summers. After high school, Craig headed North to Pratt institute in NYC to pursue a career as an illustrator. It was at Pratt that he discovered his insatiable passion for photography. After he graduated, he was recruited by Strawbridge and Clothier Department stores in Philadelphia to help reinvent their look. He spent the next ten years juggling between the two cities shooting fashion and fine art for various clients.

When the digital revolution hit, Craig moved back to NYC full-time and became absorbed in Photoshop. Combining his past illustration experience with photography, he opened up a boutique retouching studio in Chelsea. Five years later the studio was absorbed by Harrison & Star, an international pharmaceutical advertising agency. He assisted the agency in the creation of two Photography and Imaging Departments, and soon began retouching and shooting for their vast array of clients. 

Craig  currently works in NYC and Ecuador as a Retoucher and Photographer for various domestic and global advertising agencies. He also produces and directs a team of multi-faceted imaging artists that create a broad spectrum of imagery for the web, digital devices, reproduction, and new business pitches for some of the biggest companies in the world. 

His drive for cultural photography and exploration takes him abroad for one to three months every year. Craig has traveled to various countries such as Cuba, Colombia, India, Turkey, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. He is currently focused on Latin America, relentlessly searching for cultural diversity and new found friends to create his images.



"Life is what you make it"

Eleanor Roosevelt